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The development status of supermarket shelves

With the rapid development of science and technology, Yiyang supermarket shelf equipment is more and more widely used, China's supermarket shelf equipment industry is also benefiting from this, the market specifications continue to expand, I believe that we are not unfamiliar with the understanding of the supermarket shelf equipment, then, how about the development prospects of the supermarket shelf equipment?

People constantly improve the level of consumption at present, there are more and more people for business super selective personality put, convenient shopping environment becomes the modern to pursue HuiCheng, this is the diversity of supermarket shelves have urgent needs, supermarket shelves equipment as the main production of supermarket shelves, also need to constantly update their production technology and product diversity, To meet a growing need. Meet people's production needs. Still, there are some problems with Yiyang supermarket shelves. Only by facing up to these problems, and then solve these problems, can we help the supermarket shelf equipment industry develop more healthily.

From the perspective of market analysis, the existing problems of China's supermarket shelf equipment are as follows: weak independent innovation ability, lack of investment in research and development, lagging development of key components and process technology of common basis; The market competitiveness of supermarket shelf equipment is not strong, and the passive situation of relying on imported advanced technology and high-end equipment has not been effectively changed. The growth mode of supermarket shelf equipment industry is relatively extensive, and the production efficiency and operating benefits are significantly different from those of their counterparts in industrial developed countries. The modern industrial system has not yet formed a dominant, the proportion of product physical economy and manufacturing service economy is unbalanced; The internationalization level of the industry needs to be further improved, and the use of global resources and the right to speak within the industry are not matched with the status of a great power.

The most effective way to solve the above problems is to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the supermarket shelf equipment industry, improve the ability of independent innovation, enhance the core competitiveness, improve the level of opening to the outside world, and seize the international competition.