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9 common wrong display methods for fruit shelves

Common display errors of the fruit stand. The fruit store owner should take a look to see if there are any of these wrong displays in your store.

1, fruit rack A fruit and vegetable basket can only display one kind of goods, the same box can not display two different goods.

2. Goods of different sizes should be displayed in the order of "large volume below" and "small volume above", instead of "large volume above".

3. Seasonal commodities are displayed at the front, and those in similar shape are put together.

4. Goods with high turnover are in the lower part of the fruit rack, such as green peppers.

5, the banana display can only be one layer, the back of the banana is to the customer, and the banana handle is upward, the blue one is on the upper shelf, and the yellow one is on the lower shelf.

6, Promotional heap can only store one kind of fruit or vegetable, not mixed.

7, the fruit shelf fruits neatly layered stack, can not be left and right.

8, promotional head must have a sense of volume, promotional goods do not hit the head of the promotion.

9. There is a description of the products in the fruit display.