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Space management of shelves in convenience stores

The space management of the shelves of convenience stores is simply the display of the shelves. In a word, the display of the shelves is to put the products on the shelves. A good display can make customers make the decision to buy more quickly, improve the satisfaction of consumers, increase the repurchase rate of the goods and increase the sales of the convenience stores.

Convenience store shelf space management, pay attention to certain principles, as a chain of convenience stores, display principles should have the following two:

1. Consumers have the same feeling when shopping in each convenience store, that is, the pattern, style and display of chain stores are all the same;

2. Make sure that the goods on display are rich and tidy, and the categories of goods on display are convenient for customers to buy.

Today, Yiyang shelves to talk about the convenience store shelf space management, the basic principles of the convenience store shelf goods display:

1, always follow the principle of a product layer by layer board: a product layer by layer board does not mean that a product should be filled with a layer of board, but do not do unnecessary vertical display; If the display space of a product needs to be more than one layer of board, two conditions must be met: the display inventory goal determines that one more layer of board can be displayed; Goods cannot be stacked.

2. Goods that can be stacked on display shall be stacked on display;

3. Only one product for display needs to be displayed;

4, high turnover of goods should be placed at the bottom of the shelf as far as possible;

5, strengthen the effect of the wall of goods: that is, the distance between the upper layer of the goods and the top of the goods is the principle of two fingers;

6. The minimum display surface of all products is 2, and the width of 20cm is the best length of the display surface;

7. All goods must be displayed in the correct direction. This is the basic principle of the shelf display of convenience stores, more shelf display principles, product display requirements, display standards of fresh fruits and vegetables