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Yiyang shelves teach you how to purchase the right supermarket shelves?

With the improvement of people's living standard, the supermarket industry is extremely popular, it has replaced the former store, become people's first choice of shopping area. Supermarket development also led to the development of the supermarket shelves, tens of thousands of square meters of large stores, when square meters of heald super, or a few bento shop or a couple of smooth rice, need supermarket shelves to display goods, however, many operators how to survey on shelves, spent big price bought is not suitable for their own supermarket shelves, hundred million Yang shelves to teach you how to purchase the right supermarket shelves? Just keep the following three points in mind.

Supermarket shelf procurement criteria: quality

Good quality shelves are made of high quality steel, excellent process, surface spraying plastic powder lubrication, reasonable design, the service life in 5-8 years; The inferior shelf is generally made of strip steel, which is rough and clumsy, and the appearance of paint spraying. The service life is very shabby in 2-3 years. Ordinary supermarket in 5 years or so to replace the shelves, because the supermarket shelves in a long time after the use of steel has occurred "weak", often found in the process of opening the shelf structure is no longer as strong as the new, the supermarket as a crowded occasion, peace is the most important, the replacement of new shelves is only natural. Supermarket operators should consider the service life of the shelves when purchasing supermarket shelves. It is not cost-effective to repeatedly invest in the shelves. It takes 10-15 days to replace a batch of shelves, which will cost money and affect the normal operation of the supermarket.

Supermarket shelf procurement criteria: style

Shelf manufacturers generally 2-3 years have launched the new supermarket shelves and shelf accessories, the new supermarket shelves are based on the market demand and research and development, shelf structure is more simple, easy to open, column hole distance is more intensive, suitable for the display of goods, shelf accessories more choices, more professional. The new style of supermarket shelves, will give consumers a new feeling, the appearance of the supermarket will be fresh and new. Some time ago, a high-end supermarket opened in Hangzhou, and the shelves were the style N years ago. The shelves with several sections of square pipe welding appeared to be rough and chaotic, and the structure was huge and heavy, which was out of place with the delicate decoration and high-end style of the high-end supermarket. Consumers' demand for quality is getting higher and higher, and the overall consumption status of consumers has developed from the previous "high quality and low price" and "frugal" to today's "characteristic shopping", "Ankang shopping", "happy shopping" and "enjoy shopping", "experience shopping" and "feeling shopping". Loose space, comfortable environment, has become the premise that consumer chooses to shop, the new fashionable and exquisite shelf that pleases the eye is not also a part of shopping?

Supermarket shelf procurement criteria: price

The price of the supermarket shelf is the first premise for the supermarket operator to choose the shelf, but the century-old proverb "you get what you pay for" also tells us that cheap goods are not good. In the supermarket hardware investment of a rental property, the total price of the supermarket shelf accounts for 30-40% of the total price. Ordinary investors hope that the investment will be less effective and fast. In the case of insufficient funds, the shelf with low purchase price is often the first choice of these supermarket operators. In the eyes of investors, the shelf in the supermarket operation equipment is the least technological content of equipment, cheap shelves and high-end shelves are equally useful. However, carrefour, rt-mart, tesco, wal-mart and other large chain supermarket operators have differences of opinion, in their view, supermarket shelves is the carrier of operating commodity supermarket, supermarket goods display result is accomplished through the shelves, some high gross margin goods is also under the special show foil of shelves "moved" consumers, "excited" to purchase, to the supermarket to bring more sales and profits. In addition, by comparing the shelf service life, large supermarket chains are still willing to purchase more expensive shelves from large manufacturers. With guaranteed quality and high market share, they can grow together with supermarkets. A supermarket chain in Hohhot has opened three stores and used the shelves of three manufacturers. The reason is the price. Such three supermarket shelves are not universal, that store has a lot of shelves, this store is short of shelves, to order, on the supermarket operator to such an investment is how painful.

Some readers have to say, quality, style and the price is you cannot have your cake and eat it too it too, but some big supermarket shelves shelves price of the manufacturer nor high inadequate climbing, the current domestic advanced produce several shelves manufacturers have completed the capital accumulation, to the production line, reduce artificial operation capital reduces the shelves, shelves lines produce artificial more than before, low-priced walked into a large supermarket shelf manufacturer sales trend in the future, and the metabolism of from time to time, each manufacturer has several appropriate differences forms of supermarket shelves, for example, bento shop, small super, heald super, supermarket shelves.

Yiyang shelf factory is located in changshu, a famous historical and cultural city in the Yangtze river delta. it is connected with hujia expressway, huning expressway and sujiahang expressway, adjacent to Shanghai seaport. the traffic environment is very convenient. , technical comprehensive, advanced equipment, is a professional manufacturer of supermarket shelves, factory technical force is abundant, the shelves product variety, diverse styles, quality and service can be better, our supermarket shelves, with its strong bearing force, corrosion resistance, the advantages of reasonable structure, easy disassembly, any combination, well received by the masses of customers friend, supermarket shelves are widely used in shopping malls supermarkets, convenience, exhibition display, product display, each big stores, used in department stores, hardware, medicine, food and other industries, I plant the production of supermarket shelves graceful style, beautiful appearance.