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Come on in if you're going to open a convenience store! Three easy steps to get started

Convenience store shelves of various styles, different materials, how to choose the novice operators in front of the first problem. In order to help you open a shop more smoothly, today yiyang shelves to you sorted out the steps of the selection of shelves, there are open to understand it together.

Step 1: Get to know the type of shelf in a convenience store

Before choosing a convenience store shelf, operators should know the basic styles and characteristics of the shelf so that they can make a better judgment:

1. Single shelf: it is also called the wall shelf of convenience stores, which can only display goods on one side, but it extends the function of the wall and can play the role of decorating the wall. Suitable for display of snacks, drinks, bread and other goods.

2. Nakajima shelf: it is also called double-sided convenience store shelf. As the name implies, it can display goods on both sides.

3. Tobacco and wine rack: it is divided into two types, wall type and frame type, which need to be selected according to the function of the wall of the cashier area. If there is a cabinet after cashier, it is more beautiful to match the shelf of tobacco and wine with frame type.

4. Cashier desk: The modern convenience store cashier desk is usually in the form of combination, which can match the cashier function, storage function, commodity sales function and garbage collection function according to the needs of convenience store operation.

5. Sales promotion shelf: Compared with sales promotion shelf, small and portable sales shelf is more suitable for display of sales promotion products, which is both beautiful and practical, and helps to attract more customers to choose.

Step 2: Determine the convenience store design scheme

Not all convenience stores can use the above five kinds of display props. The specific selection should be based on the comprehensive selection of store size, positioning, operation items and division composition:

For example, if you are a small convenience store of about 20 square meters, you only need to choose the shelves of nakajima convenience store, single side shelves, cashier desk, tobacco and alcohol rack. If you are a large supermarket planning to create a supermarket leisure area, then you need to add promotional shelves and leisure seats to this.

Step 3: Determine shelf manufacturer

The above two steps have given you a basic understanding of the shelves you need to purchase, but notice that shelf quality is the most important thing to pay attention to when purchasing shelves. And the quality besides with material actor or actor is linked directly besides, the stand or fall of shelf brand, also be a reference point. So next, yiyang shelf will talk about how to screen the shelf company.

1. Learn through the Internet. For example, after searching the shelves of Yiyang, you can enter its official website, look at the shelf styles, and have a basic understanding of the years of running the factory and previous cooperation cases, so as to help you find out the strength of the shelf company.

2. Field trip. After all, online shelves look good, but you have to touch to see the quality. For example, Yiyang shelf has its own exhibition hall, which can help you understand the shelf more intuitively (Address: No. 8, Yongxin Road, Wangzhuang, Shanghu Town, Changshu City. Welcome to inquire: Xiao Zhou: 18651184514; Bear: 17368023778; Small chapter: 17368023771).

Good shelves are half the battle for convenience store operators. Therefore, every entrepreneur who wants to open a convenience store, must know more about the shelves, in order to do a better job of experience. The above is yiyang shelves for you to organize the selection of convenience store shelves, you have learned?