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What benefits do warehouse shelves bring to modern manufacturing industries?

With the development of modern logistics, storage is the premise of the emergence and development of three-dimensional warehouse, which is in line with the development of industry and science and technology. Modern large-scale production has increasingly promoted the socialization, specialization and centralization of industrial production. The high mechanization of production, automation inevitably requires the supply and distribution of materials in a timely, rapid, accurate. This promotes the rapid development of three-dimensional warehouse technology and has become a symbol of high technology in factory design. When the modern management concept of cost saving and efficiency improvement becomes the first consideration of managers, how to effectively use the warehouse space, how to improve the use volume of the warehouse, also has been put on the important position. Storage management focuses on two aspects: how to increase the effective utilization of storage space and how to promote the flow of goods. The storage space of goods is called the storage space. Although this space is used for storage on the surface, it is actually a relay station in the procurement, distribution and distribution of goods. Therefore, the storage area has become the central hub of goods storage and transportation. Therefore, the effective utilization of storage space has become an important issue for managers and logistics center operators to improve. For spatial planning, it is necessary to first classify, understand the use direction of each space, and then evaluate the weight selection in all aspects, and then design the layout after the evaluation of the weight comparison. If storage space is limited and there is no way to make planning and design changes, ways to maximize the utilization of existing storage space should be sought. This puts forward a higher requirement to. The appearance of modern warehouse drives the development

How to identify the good or bad shelves is a very important part of the industry, the shelf of an industry has a direct impact on the benefits of the industry, how to identify the good or bad shelves can be referred to below:

The identification of heavy duty shelves can be considered from the following three aspects:

1. Material of shelf: The material of shelf in China should be SS400 steel from Baogang original factory and Shanghai Steel No.1 Factory. It seems that there is not a set of strict and complete shelf industry standard in China, and there are few that can meet the European FEM shelf standard.

2. Shelf structure: shelf column to see whether the section of the bending is more and more uniform, more or less uniform symmetrical structure is better. The cross beam of shelf wants to see the structure of the hook that cross beam and cross beam hang the form of vertical column: the hook of cross beam wants some more better, more force is about good; The hook of crossbeam hangs on column to see whether the contact of hook and column is close and consistent, the inside of hook wants to be close with column flank without gap so structure ability is stable and bear force good wear well.

3. Surface treatment of the shelf: the surface spraying treatment of the shelf should be uniform and have strong adhesion. Whether the surface spraying of the shelf is uniform depends on whether there is any omission on the inside edge of the shelf column hole.

4. Welding process: This is the best one to identify.

Conveyance: The movement of objects horizontally or vertically by human or mechanical force

Handling operation features: handling shelves and goods are not fixed, the site is not fixed.


1. In the process of handling, the weight of the parts should be fully estimated, and the best loading point should be quickly found, so as to act according to one's ability. When the parts are piled high or too heavy, the help of others should be sought to prevent muscle damage or other safety accidents.

2. Wear gloves when carrying heavy objects, metal objects, sharp glass and other objects

3. When handling, pay attention to reasonable force, do not throw and catch in the air, pay attention to prevent parts falling

4. Do well the protection work of handling, such as wrapping and binding film, etc

5. Check and check the goods arriving at the destination