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Note for storage shelves

Used in daily life, storage shelves just logistics enterprises need to use, more important is the supermarket and so on environment, it can be effective for people to buy or loading and unloading, and so on, of course, as is known to all, everything is good or bad, that is to say, in the use of the storage shelves there are high and low-quality, as a result, especially for companies must need to know more common sense on the shelves, let's look at.

Generally speaking, the precautions for using storage shelves mainly include the following aspects:

1. Choose the storage shelves according to the location. For example, the main models of stainless steel racks are supermini, mini, light and heavy.

2. Before purchase, the size and shape of the space to be placed should be generally measured to facilitate the selection of specific storage shelves.

3. If some small items are not suitable for the large gap of the mesh, you can choose to put different strength and material of wood or plexiglass on the top of the mesh.

4. The selection of storage shelves should also be based on the price of stainless steel shelf due to the flexible and variable size and number of layers, or the specific selection should be made by the price of mesh, pole, plank or plexiglass board, etc.

In addition to the above precautions for the use of storage shelves, we also need to pay attention to do not put shelves in an acidic or alkaline environment as far as possible, so as to avoid chemical reactions with shelves caused by substances that are too acidic or too alkaline, resulting in changes in their quality, etc..