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How does the shelf prevent rust

As the saying goes, "The iron body can't stand it." It is good to use here to reflect the shelf, which is made of iron products that are durable and worn. But many iron products will rust after being used for a long time. Once it rusts, the iron will be corroded and will be easily broken. Storage shelves are made of iron, so once it rusts, how to clean and dispose of rust spots on storage shelves?

Before sharing the method of derusting, first share with you to avoid shelf rust, after all, the shelf rust, even if the treatment is clean there are defects! In fact, the basic measure to prevent the shelf rust is to moistureproof wet, next for everyone to share the shelf moistureproof wet method:

1) Try not to leave the door of the warehouse where the shelves are placed open;

2) Check the shelves every once in a while to see if any water droplets have accumulated;

3) Choose dry cloth to wipe the water droplets on the surface of the shelf and keep the surface of the shelf dry.

Of course, the moisture proof and humidity of the shelves can not completely rely on the maintenance and management after the event, the early warehouse shelf plan design and warehouse maintenance and management is also very important, such as:

1) Different climates in different areas are used as the basis for the design of the library;

2) The warehouse shall be completely closed;

3) Repair the drainage and leakage of the warehouse as well as the maintenance and management of the warehouse at any time;

4) Regularly and regularly measure the humidity, wind direction, wind speed and air pressure inside and outside the warehouse.

Remove rust stain on the surface of the storage shelves, you can use the pickling paste, can improve the surface of storage shelves, storage shelves in surface layer of the compact complete, adhesion of the passivation film, can effectively extend the service life of storage shelves, suitable for chemical machinery, food machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, pressure vessel manufacturing and drying equipment, chemical equipment and chemical equipment installation and other industries use, engineering components such as surface treatment.

At the time of operating, pickling paste daub is on the surface of storage shelves, coating thickness for 0.5 2 mm, average response time is 3 - more than 10 minutes, use or scale thick place under 0 ℃, should be appropriately extended time, had better use the scrub brush a few times of treatment process, surface scale after clear, better (lime, or caustic) rinse with clear water, rust to avoid return, such as the product in water, don't pour out, shake or stir after use.

Remove the rust on the surface of the shelf, not only to the shelf maintenance, or the shelf to do beauty, let it more beautiful and dazzling. The most important is the safety issue, because the shelf is used to store goods, if the shelf once rusted, iron will be corroded away, so the storage shelf will be dangerous to reuse, so we must do good maintenance work on the shelf, make it longer life.