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Suzhou shelf quality and testing standards

(1) The accuracy of the rack columns after they are assembled into columns shall comply with the following provisions:

1. Rack sheet full high limit deviation ±4mm;

2. Limit deviation of shelf sheet width ±5mm;

3. Shelf floor height difference, limit deviation ±0.5mm;

(II) After the shelf beam is welded, the precision conforms to the following provisions:

1. The perpendicularity of the connecting line between the three column claws of the column clip and the center line of the beam shall not be greater than 5mm within the length range of the beam;

2. The limit deviation of welding position between column clip and beam is ±1mm.

(III) Requirements for the overall installation of shelves:

1. The perpendicularity of the shelf column along the length and width of the roadway shall not be greater than 6mm

2. The height deviation of the beam on the same shelf is ±1mm;

3. The limit deviation of center distance between the bottom of the column of adjacent shelf pieces is ±2mm;

4. Dislocation of shelves in the same row in the same roadway shall not be greater than 5mm.

(IV) Welding surface:

1. All parts shall be welded uniformly on the surface without cracks, weld nodules, burn-through, slag inclusion, arc pits, needle-like pores and other defects;

2. The limit deviation of the external dimension of butt welding seam and fillet weld conforms to the relevant provisions in GBJ205.

(v) Welding strength:

1. After the black billet is produced and treated by pickling and phosphating, the shelf is still firm and firm when it is tested and subjected to rated load. No local sag deformation of the laminate and no local distortion of the beam are checked.

Shelf structure design and standard

2. The design, manufacture, installation and acceptance of shelves shall be subject to standards and meet the requirements of other relevant standards.

Zbj83015-89 High Shelf Warehouse Design Specification

JB/T323-91 "Technical Conditions for Welding or Steel Structure Shelves in Three-dimensional warehouse"

GBJ 11-89 Code for Seismic Design of Buildings

GBJ 17-88 Design Specification for Steel Structures

JB/T 9018-1999 Specification for Design of High Shelf Warehouse in Trackway

FEM9.831 European Material Handling Association Steel Structure Shelf Design Code

Cecs23:90 Specification for Design of Steel Shelf Structures

QB/ KS1002-9 Technical Conditions for Steel Structure Inserted Shelves

Gb50018-2002 Technical Specification for Cold-Formed Thin-Walled Steel Structures

Gb716-2002 Cold Rolled Steel Strip of Carbon Structural Steel

Gb8749-1998 "High Quality Carbon Structural Steel Hot-rolled Strip"

Gb985-88 Specification for Welding Form and Dimension of Manual Electric Orphan Welding and Gas Shielded Welding

JB/T9018-1999 General Technical Conditions for Cold Stamping Metal Parts

FEM9.831 Shelf Design Specification for The European Material Handling Association

Gb92865-88 Construction Specification for Electrostatic Powder Spraying

GBJ 9-87 Load Code for Building Structures

Gb6723-86 "Size, Shape, Weight and Allowable Deviation of Cold Bending Open Section Steel for General Use"

Requirements for Mechanical Properties of Bolts GB/T3098 -- 2000

Gb50017-2003 Code for Design of Steel Structures

Gbj17-88 "Types and Dimensions of Manual Arc Welding Joints"

Q/ZB74 General Technical Conditions for Welding

GB700 Carbon Structural Steel

Gb6807-86 Technical Conditions for Phosphating Treatment of Steel And Iron Workpieces before Painting

General Technical Conditions for Mechanical Processing

Gb191-90 Packing, Storage and Transportation Pictorial Marks

GB1804 "Tolerance and Fit, Unmarked Tolerance of Linear Dimensions"

Section strength index of shelf

Strength Standard for Shelf profiles (GB6723-86 index N/ mm2)

Steel no. Steel tensile, compressive and bending shear end face pressure

Q235 cold-formed steel 205 120 310

Welding strength index of shelf:

Welding strength index of shelf (JB/ T5323-91 index N/ mm2)


Butt weld

Fillet weld

Steel no. Steel type tensile, compressive, shear, tensile, compressive, and bending

Q235 cold-formed steel 175 205 120 140