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Structural features of storage shelves

Generally speaking, light storage shelves, medium storage shelves, heavy storage shelves are common storage shelves. The structural features of these storage shelves mainly include the following aspects:

First when it comes to the light warehouse shelves, its structure is characterized by: universal Angle steel pillar, splice packaged structure, warehouse shelves can be combined at random, generally for the steel layer board, arbitrary adjustable height every 50 cm, installation convenient disassembly, lightweight and beautiful appearance, artificial access goods, often used to hold small items, and it is less money, can be widely used in electronics, light industry, supermarkets, culture and education.

For medium-sized warehouse shelves, the structure characteristics of this kind of storage shelves, splice composite structure, the standard set of components, without a connection bolt, warehouse shelves install rapidly disassemble, layer board for shears, folding processing into a super silent steel layer board, and below the layer board welding stiffener or reinforcing rods, arbitrary adjustable height every 50 cm, unit shelves each layer of the load can be up to four hundred kg, square columns, positive punching small, make the storage shelves more stable and refined, widely used in all walks of life.

And finally to the heavy warehouse shelves structure characteristics, it is a kind of splicing combination beam type shelf shelves, belong to the ladder type beam, the general can configure steel layer board or wood layer board, the height of each 50 mm, arbitrary adjustable unit shelves each layer of the load of up to eight hundred kg, size can be tailored according to customer demand, the structure characteristics of this kind of storage shelves is suitable for application in manufacturing industries.