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Shelf manufacturers explain to you the secrets of the warehouse shelf anti - collision

Some enterprises in the installation of the shelf after the use of a period of time after the shelf is not very stable, shelf manufacturers tell you that this is because the warehouse in the early installation of the preparatory work is not done.



Shelf manufacturer tell you install a high shelf of a large warehouse, warehouse forklift way to narrow, uneven ground in the warehouse of the three is the most easy to cause the warehouse shelves trauma, including high rack warehouse under external force, the damage is relatively large, is also the most prone to the impact of three cases of accident. Aiming at the safety hidden dangers of the above three kinds of warehouses, Changshu Yiyang Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. has concluded the following measures through discussion and summary, which will carry out the new storage shelf design from two angles, namely, preventing the probability of collision and reducing the degree of impact.

At present, the safety measures to prevent the shelves from being hit are as follows. From the perspective of prevention, in addition to welding on the ground, safety pile will also be installed on the high shelf column anti-collision beam, adopt the form of convex hanging anti-collision beam. The upper part of the high shelf is attached with rope at the top of the warehouse to reduce the loss of the upper cargo space of the high shelf when it is impacted. Fixed forklift lane, so that forklift can only run on the fixed track, can not be deflected. The above three ways to prevent and reduce damage to the shelves by external forces, is the most effective and reasonable method, its main purpose is to prevent the shelves by external impact, has been reduced in the impact of the loss of interests. In a traditional large warehouse, all three methods can be implemented due to the facilities.

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