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Shelf manufacturer tutor you to select shelf products according to the scene

Shelf manufacturers in the design of various shelf products, will be based on different use scenarios to choose different materials for production, not only to ensure the appearance of the product beautiful, but also to achieve stable and practical results.  


There are many uncertain factors in the design, construction and use of rack steel structure system, so it is necessary to introduce reliability analysis. Users to choose the shelf must choose suitable for the use of the scene, so before buying, must be their first planning, or let the shelf factory professional and technical staff tailored for you, so that the utilization of your warehouse will greatly increase, but also let the possibility of future problems will be reduced. Process problems. The shelf after the formation of black parts should be removed oil, rust, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing and other links. The quality of powder is also superior. Generally each shelf company has a standard color, spraying standard color general cost is low. If special color is used, changing powder will increase the time limit and waste powder, so the cost will be relatively high.

Shelf manufacturers for supermarket shelves are often supplied with three kinds, one is a single side of the back of the net is double side of the back of the net, there is the Angle of the shelf, other want to shelf, float is also useful. The specific model rules are determined according to the graphic design of the supermarket and the placement of products. Storage shelves and warehouse shelves in fact is one thing, he roughly divided into four kinds, heavy shelves, medium-sized shelves, light shelves, as well as the Angle steel shelves, specific rules are based on the size of the warehouse, height, and put the required items to decide to the equilibrium state is very important, it can let the seller and the buyer can reach the goal, is very reasonable.

The above is the knowledge of the shelf manufacturers about the shelf production and use scenarios, users who need to buy customized shelf products can contact us at any time by dialing 13358022118, Xiaoyi welcome everyone's presence!