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Shelf manufacturers introduce the difference between cold storage shelves and ordinary storage shelv

Shelf manufacturer introduces cold storage shelves. The design of cold storage shelves and general storage shelves is similar, but because the design and production of ordinary warehouses have no special requirements, the cold storage has certain requirements on materials and anti-rust coatings. This is also the biggest difference between the design and normal warehouse shelves.

Cold storage shelves generally use high shelf, also known as three-dimensional shelf. The temperature of the cold storage is usually below minus 16°, so the insulation performance of the warehouse and the rationality of the shelf design are very important. The former can reduce the cost of electricity, the latter can reduce the cost of increasing cargo space and improving inventory efficiency.

When choosing materials for refrigerated shelves, although Q235 is also possible, it is best to use materials with low stress and good toughness, as close to the theoretical properties of Q235 as possible. In the shelf surface treatment, the need for double protection, rust - proof layer and frozen layer. In industry, as long as the quality is good, there is now a special plastic powder in this respect.

A cold storage is a building that USES artificial cooling to allow a fixed space to be stored at a specified temperature. Cold storage can be widely used in food factory, dairy factory, pharmaceutical factory, chemical factory, fruit and vegetable warehouse, poultry and egg warehouse, hotel, hotel, supermarket, hospital, blood station, army, laboratory and so on. Cold storage is mainly used for the constant temperature storage of food, dairy products, meat, aquatic products, poultry, fruits and vegetables, cold drinks, flowers, green plants, tea, medicine, chemical raw materials, electronic instruments, etc.

General Shelf classification:

Shelf access: This type of shelf has low investment cost and high storage density. Suitable for storing a large number of small varieties of goods. The cargo access mode is first stored and then accessed. Forklifts have high storage efficiency and high reliability, suitable for most haulage. Mechanical storage operation.

Shuttle rack: This type of rack is similar to a drive-through rack and can be used in conjunction with a shuttle. Cost from medium to low. Shelf access and storage unit (shuttle) are integrated. Forklifts are located only at either end of the shelf. This section loads and unloads the shelves and shuttles the goods from storage to transport. It can meet the requirements of fifO, forklift does not need to access the goods in the passage, high safety, working efficiency is higher than the self-unloading frame.

Push-back shelving: Push-back shelving combines the advantages of walk-in shelving and gravity shelving. It consists of a multi-storey trolley, shelf track has a certain slope. It is suitable for the storage of a large number of goods, do not need to use goods. The total shelf depth is within 6 pallets. The weight per unit cargo is less than 1500kg, and the shelf height is less than 6m. The shelf manufacturing precision is very high, following the advanced output. How it works is that forklifts don't need to enter the storage channel, but run at the lower end. Pressed-in shelves are suitable for cold storage and goods picking where requirements are not high. Pallet racking: pallet racking is easy to use, simple equipment, simple installation and disassembly, low cost, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, strong carrying capacity, unit load up to 5T. Combination, no welding and screw installation, easy to transport.

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