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How do shelf manufacturers teach you to manage warehouses

The shelf manufacturer teaches you how to manage the warehouse. Traditional warehouse management, and invest a lot of the goods, no matter how much inventory, put together, this is a problem, the reservoir area is small, not many types, we don't need more in-depth, if the quantity is large, scattered cargo area and large cargo area is not feasible, that is to say, there is no need to near the aisle placed a large amount of inventory is easy to pick and place.

This article is about picking goods. If your warehouse is in the replenishment area and the distribution area is the same, then this article may not help you. However, if your repository is in this situation, or is ready to make changes in the repository, then reading this article may help you with your next step.

Some people think that a product is good, or most goods are good, because there is no need to use a commodity to run some places, the inventory is not convenient, but the people who choose this way must be managed in the warehouse. Adopt the first-in, first-out principle. In the case of a single shipment, there is no way to squeeze and wait, even picking according to the number of people, which will also reduce the walking path of the pickers and contribute to positioning and inventory accuracy. If there is a FIFO requirement, then it is not a good one, but it must be a lot of goods. However, it is difficult to implement one project, which will increase the difficulty of the work, and another project also requires that the actual conditions of the warehouse meet the standards.

You can see here why most warehouses have more than one type of goods. Put on the shelf is not the main thing. Most importantly, when orders are large and there are multiple pickers, the same category of goods is spread out in different locations, thereby reducing congestion and waiting to some extent. There is only one pick position for the goods, so you can imagine the result.

Many of the single goods are limited. If the order is small, there are not many pickers, and one good is worse than one good. This may be a limitation of my vision. Maybe it's because I've come across it. I've come across a lot of warehouses and a shipment. Many, more than one kind of goods up to dozens of picking positions, a wave of goods in a wave, run several positions can be matched, this is very outrageous, so many goods, more, if you have more than 5 positions, in general, this is absolutely wrong and problematic.

This is usually due to the lack of appropriate management procedures and regulations in the warehouse. Workers look for the location and choose the location of the shelf. The judgment and selection of staff are not our optimal shelf logic, which only exists in the ideal state. This would not be difficult if the WMS system could be used to direct staff behavior. Therefore, the most reliable method is to purchase related systems to solve the problem. In actual warehouse management, a single item and a single item will often be used. As a manager, we should adopt a flexible management method rather than a dogmatic way to demand a certain pattern.

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