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Talk about shelf manufacturers in the golden age of the land, look to the sky is optimistic.

Talk about shelf manufacturers in the golden age of the land, look to the sky is optimistic. Land is becoming more and more precious and scarce in today's society. How to place as many goods as possible in a limited space is a problem that many enterprises consider. With the development of The Times, the use of steel has become very common, the structure based on steel production is one of the most important building structure types.

Modern steel structure platform has many forms and functions. The structure is characterized by complete structure and flexible design, which can be designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the site, use functions, and meet the logistics requirements of different site conditions. It is widely used for modern storage. The advantages of steel platform are as follows:

1. Steel is characterized by high strength, light weight and high rigidity, especially suitable for the construction of long-span, ultra-high and ultra-heavy buildings.

2. The material structure of steel structure has good uniformity and isotropy. It is an ideal elastomer and conforms to the basic assumptions of general engineeringmechanics. It is the ideal building material today.

3. Its material plasticity, toughness and large deformation make it able to withstand dynamic loads. Many large buildings are mainly made of steel. Today, the world's first door is located in Suzhou, a city of steel structures.

4. Construction cycle is short, building area is 300 square meters, only 5 people, 30 working days, only one month to complete the construction transformation. It can save money, save time and save manpower!

5. Steel structure buildings have high degree of industrialization and mechanization. Can carry on the specialized production, enhances the work efficiency, reduces the construction difficulty. This stage is in keeping with a high - speed energy - saving society.

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