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Shelf storage design principle

Shelf manufacturer introduces the shelf storage design principle of Baxter

1. The limit state design method based on probability theory is adopted in this specification, and calculated expressions are designed through partial coefficients. Baxter shelf storage design principles belong to the pallet shelf category, which is the most common shelf type in various domestic storage shelf systems. The structure is simple and effective, and is a full assembly structure in the form of column and beam.

2. Structural bearing members shall be designed according to the ultimate state of bearing capacity and the limit state of normal use, and non-bearing members shall be set according to the construction requirements.

3. Generally, the safety level of Baxter storage shelf structure can be regarded as three levels. The safety level of shelf structure with special requirements can be determined according to specific conditions.

4. Load design value and strength design value should be used when designing the structure according to the ultimate state of bearing capacity; In the calculation of shelf structure according to the limit state of normal use, the standard value of load and allowable deformation should be used for calculation. According to the characteristics of storage unit assembly equipment can be installed heavy shelves, such as: partition, steel plate (steel grid), barbed wire layer, storage cage track, oil drum rack and other functional accessories, to meet the requirements of different units to assemble in the form of equipment storage goods.

5. In the design of a special type of packaged shelf structure, if there is no appropriate calculation method, the model or full-range test can be carried out in accordance with the methods listed in Chapter 8 of this specification to determine the relevant parameters and carrying capacity.


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