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Heavy duty shelf structure and advantages

The use of the shelf is very wide, small and large have, the following shelf manufacturers detailed description of heavy shelf structure and advantages.


The basic structure of heavy duty shelves: consists of two parts: column parts and beam welding parts. Simple structure, easy to disassemble and assemble, each layer of beam can be adjusted up and down. The minimum adjustment distance is 70mm or 75mm; The whole shelf is connected to the floor by expansion bolts. Stable and reliable; The double row shelf is connected by the gasket to increase its stability. The foot pedal protection device is equipped at the bottom of the shelf to prevent the forklift from colliding on the road. Surface treatment: epoxy powder electrostatic spraying; Main parts of shelf: shelf column: 80 * 60 * 2.0mm steel (90 * 70,100 * 70), beam: 80 * 50 * 1.5mm welded beam (100 * 50,120 * 50 or larger); Lateral support: 40 * 24 * 12 * 1.5mm inner slot; Design load bearing: 500~3000KG/layer, the whole machine frame up to 12000KG; Common specification shelf: L2780 * W1000 * H4500, double beam and three layers goods (pallet);

Advantages of heavy shelves: Heavy shelves also known as beam shelves, goods shelves, pallet shelves, etc. It adopts high quality cold rolled steel plate to be formed by rolling. The longest column can be up to 15 meters. There is no seam in the middle. High quality square steel, strong bearing capacity, not easy to deformation. The suspension parts between the beam and the column adopt cylindrical insertion and hyperinsertion, reliable connection, convenient disassembly, locking nails are used to prevent the forklift from picking up while the forklift is working, and all shelves are acidified. Washing, phosphating, electrostatic spraying and other processes, anticorrosion and antirust, beautiful appearance, suitable for large warehouses. It adopts a complete combination structure, which is connected with columns by beam and column clamps. The cell carrying capacity is up to 3000kg. It has the advantages of overall simplicity and beauty, high security factor, fast access speed, saving space and storage capacity. Suitable for storing all kinds of goods. It is especially suitable for forklift and stacker operation. It is widely used in many companies.

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